Hoffman Challenge

The Hoffman Challenge began in 1987 when Betty Boyink and Holice Turnbow, both attending the National Quilting Association's annual show in Easton, PA, spied an unusual fabric at a vendor booth and issued a challenge to their fellow quilters to use the fabric in a quilting project to be completed and shown at the following year's show.

The unusual and inspiring fabric that captured the imagination of Holice and Betty was, of course, one of Hoffman's unique designs -a beautiful Oriental motif from the Woodblocks Collection. Ninety-four enthusiastic quilters completed projects that year and the Hoffman Challenge was born.

Since then, the number of entries has grown to more than 700 per year, and categories now include clothing and dolls, as well as quilts. Each year, the top entries are grouped into traveling exhibits, which visit quilt and craft shows, seminars, quilt shops and quilt- and doll-makers guilds nationwide.